Meet Your Loan Officer: Steven Lawrence

Steven Lawrence

NMLS #1242417

Hi, my name is Steven Lawrence, I have been in the financing and lending industry for over 20 years.  I especially love helping senior homeowners explore the reverse mortgage as an option and helping them truly understand the program. 

I also believe in simplifying the details that can be confusing, and then explaining how the Reverse Mortgage works specific to your individual situation. The people that I help every day also appreciate my ethical standards which include: 

  1. if the reverse mortgage is not right for you, I am upfront, and will let you know. And  
  1. I believe in sharing all the information about the program including the downsides…and that sometimes includes details that other companies typically fail to disclose. 

My personal commitment is to do what is in your best interest, to listen to your goals and needs, and then advise on an option or loan program that may help you in your retirement years. 

I look forward to hearing from you and speaking with you! 

Steven Lawrence

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